Reservation, Change, Cancellation and Experience Refund Policies

(1) Once an Experience is booked, the End User receives a pre-confirmation.

(2) To the extent that there is no confirmation of the reservation by Travel Cusco G of the corresponding Experience, after the End User has submitted the information required by Travel Cusco G and after Travel Cusco G has verified and confirmed availability via email, the End User is recommended not to make any specific, special or necessary transportation and accommodation reservation for the Experience. Travel Cusco G does not assume any responsibility for the organization carried out by the End User that is related to this Experience. The End User must fully comply with the requirements to be able to use the Experience and wait for confirmation of availability from Travel Cusco G.

(3) Unless indicated in the Experience information on the Platform, transportation and/or accommodation and/or food and drinks are not included and must be managed and paid for by the End User. The End User will not be able to claim any compensation or reimbursement for these additional expenses incurred, neither from the Supplier nor from Travel Cusco G. The Experiences will be carried out as they are presented on the Platform, without any additional or related service, so the End User You should not interpret otherwise.

(4) In the event that the End User does not show up on the date and time of the reserved Experience, and without prior cancellation (in accordance with the cancellation terms of each Experience, Provider or Travel Cusco G), the right to carry out the Experience without the right to claim, refund, interest or penalty of any kind in favor of the End User, to the detriment of the Provider or Travel Cusco G.

(5) Travel Cusco G and the Supplier must be informed in advance of any cancellation. The End User must bear in mind that Travel Cusco G or the Supplier may charge fees in case of cancellation or change of date of the Experience, which must be previously confirmed by Travel Cusco G.

(6) Travel Cusco G will coordinate the End User’s refund within the next 7 business days. The End User agrees that he/she assumes any costs such as bank commissions or other charges that may arise during the refund process carried out by Travel Cusco G. Travel Cusco G is not responsible for any bank charges or fees that may arise and Travel Cusco G will not pay nor will it cover any fees related to the refund.

(7) In the event of an emergency during the Experience, where the guide has to apply the internal emergency protocol, any participating End User does not have the right to request any refund or compensation from Travel Cusco G or any other related party, even if the Actual booked experience cannot be completed. This is due to the safety and security standards of each participant.

(8) Machu Picchu Reservations: These reservations are exposed to variations in the availability of tickets for trains or entry to Machu Picchu. Thus, with a tour reservation to Machu Picchu, whether a full-day tour, a tour with an overnight stay in Aguas Calientes or a package with other tours, the final itinerary will remain undetermined until Travel Cusco G can successfully reserve the corresponding tickets. Ticket availability is not under the control of Travel Cusco G and changes constantly. Travel Cusco G only organizes the train and ticket schedule that is possible considering the availability of tickets and the available ticket budget, which is included in the final price of the Experience. There may be waiting times, in Ollantaytambo or Aguas Calientes, to take the train or enter Machu Picchu. Travel Cusco G will obtain the train and entry time that best suits your availability according to the tour purchased. The End User has no right to claim any refund in the event that he is not willing to accept the program organized by Travel Cusco G. By booking, the End User agrees to accept the itinerary that Travel Cusco G will organize for him.

(9) Changes to reservations, such as dates or times, requested by the End User, have an additional administrative cost and depend on availability. Therefore, any desired changes are not committed. First, the end user must contact Travel Cusco G to verify if a change is possible. If so, Travel Cusco G will communicate the administrative fee and any other additional costs that will occur with a change to the End User. The End User pays those fees and additional costs through Paypal (covering PayPal’s 6% commission fee). If the End User does not agree, there will be no change. Furthermore, for each reservation, there is only 1 possible change. Therefore, with a change confirmed and implemented by Travel Cusco G, the End User accepts that the cancellation terms are no longer valid and that they have no right to claim a refund from Travel Cusco G or demand other changes.

For Machu Picchu reservations, after Travel Cusco G has purchased the tickets (train, entrance, bus), changes can be made only in the event that the End User contacts Travel Cusco G by email, indicating the desired changes and accepting the related costs. (third party and administrative fees). With respect to the change inquiry sent by the End User by email, Travel Cusco G will verify the availability, feasibility and any additional fees that the End User would have to pay to make this change possible. In addition to the charges charged by third parties responsible for the tickets related to the tour to Machu Picchu, Travel Cusco G charges an additional $70 as administrative costs that apply to the availability investigation, as well as the sending of the change proposal. For any additional change proposals, Travel Cusco G will charge an additional $70, as well as the fees charged by the third parties involved. In addition, the End User must cover additional PayPal fees of 6% on the total amount to be paid for the change. When the End User accepts within 24 hours after Travel Cusco G has sent the change proposal by email, Travel Cusco G will send a payment inquiry via PayPal which must be accepted and paid by the End User within those 24 hours and Travel Cusco G will make the changes within the next 48 hours. When the change has been made, Travel Cusco G will share with the End User an updated Booking Summary containing the new tour times and/or dates.

In the event that the End User responds or pays after Travel Cusco G has sent the change proposal valid for 24 hours, the proposal is no longer valid. With this, the availability of the tickets to be changed is no longer assured and therefore Travel Cusco G is not responsible for any problem that may occur due to this. It is the responsibility of the End User to act in a timely manner, within 24 hours. The end user can request a new proposal, but this results in additional administrative fees of $70 charged by Travel Cusco G.

(10) In the event that the End User makes personal changes to his/her itinerary provided by Travel Cusco G, the End User must accept any additional charges or possible changes and cancellations by Travel Cusco G and its representatives. In the event that Travel Cusco G or its representatives are unable to make consistent adjustments, the End User must manage the necessary additional adjustments themselves without the right to claim a refund from Travel Cusco G or its representatives. Thus, the End User makes personal changes to the itinerary at his or her own expense, risk and cost.

(11) Any representative of Travel Cusco G, whether guide, driver, Provider, other or Travel Cusco G has the right to refuse the participation of the End User or one of the other participants joining the End User if the safety and health of this person puts themselves at risk. The End User, as well as any participant involved or affected, has no right to claim a refund from Travel Cusco G or its representatives. This decision by the representative of Travel Cusco G is made in the best interest and for the safety of the affected people and must be accepted without claims.

(12) For each Experience operated by Travel Cusco G itself, a WhatsApp group will be created the day before the start of the Experience. The End User will be added to this group with the number indicated in the email sent to Travel Cusco G with all the information that Travel Cusco G requires in the pre-confirmation email. Each End User of the Group will be asked to confirm their participation until 6:00 pm (Peruvian time) the night before the Experience with an icon indicated by Travel Cusco G in the group welcome message. In the event that there has not been confirmation until 6:00 pm, the End User’s participation remains unconfirmed with the risk of completely losing participation in the Experience.

Travel documents

The End User is responsible for being in possession at all times during an Experience of a valid passport required for entry, exit and travel to each country or region visited along the itinerary of the applicable Experience, and for re-entry to the country of the Final user. country of residence or departure (the passport must be valid for 6 months after the last date of travel), as well as all visas, permits and certificates, including vaccination certificates and insurance policies. End User accepts full responsibility for obtaining all such documents prior to the start of the Experience and is solely responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from missing or defective documentation. Travel Cusco G does not represent or guarantee the accuracy of any information or advice provided by Travel Cusco G regarding visas, vaccinations, weather, clothing, luggage, special equipment, etc. and the End User agrees that Travel Cusco G is not responsible for any errors or omissions in said information.

Transfer of Experiences

(1) Any Experience, except Machu Picchu or any Experience or Experience package that lasts more than 1 day, is freely transferable to third parties. The new End User of the Experience must comply with the conditions of the Provider and Travel Cusco G to participate in the Experience. The previous End User must ensure that the new End User complies with the applicable conditions. In the event that the new End User does not comply with the conditions, they may be excluded from participation in the Experience without any claim for refund or rescheduling of the Experience. The End User must notify Travel Cusco G a minimum of 2 business days before the change of End User and must share all required information. It is the full responsibility of the End User to know and accept the requirements to be able to participate in the reserved Experiences.

(2) Without prejudice to the fact that the Experiences may be transferred to another End User, it is expressly prohibited for an End User to market the Experiences described on the Platform for personal economic benefit, without the due authorization of Travel Cusco G.

Payment, Delivery and Reservation of Ownership

(1) End Users may pay for Experiences online by credit card through PayPal ( The entire data transfer process is encrypted using SSL and meets the highest industry security standards. The delivery of the confirmation code and the final confirmation of the tour will be via email. Limitations on payment methods or additional payment methods may be specified in each Experience. By using PayPal, through the Travel Cusco G website or through a separate payment inquiry, the End User also accepts the Terms and Conditions of PayPal, regarding its use, data management, exchange rates, refunds and further. Therefore, Travel Cusco G is not responsible for any loss that the User may suffer when making the reservation or receiving a refund if it is not in USD.

(2) Travel Cusco G does not cover any transfer costs that arise for the End User during the payment process.

Availability and Cancellation

(1) The End User can find information about the availability of each Experience (for example, region/city, times or available times) on that Experience’s page. All experiences vary in availability. The End User can choose their preferred date on the calendar on the Experience page. The availability of the Experience on the Platform may be outdated, so the reservation is considered confirmed (and with it the availability) once the reservation confirmation email is received. This confirmation email is Travel Cusco G’s response to the questionnaire answered by the End User in the pre-confirmation email sent automatically after the End User made the online reservation.

(2) In the hypothetical case that the End User requires a reservation in a shorter time than established in the reservation terms of the activity, the End User must contact Travel Cusco G, in order to verify availability, before making the reserve. If the End User purchases before Travel Cusco G informs them that there is availability, and is certain that it will not be possible to include the End User in the experience, Travel Cusco G will proceed to return the money to the End User. In this process Travel Cusco G has the right to deduct administrative costs of 10% of the transaction associated with the reservation made and the End User will cover each administrative, banking or transfer fee charged during the refund process.

Physical disabilities

(1) Travel Cusco G welcomes the participation of people with disabilities in the Experiences offered, but recommends the End User contact Travel Cusco G at before booking an Experience to verify if participation in this experience.

(2) In the event that the End User has made a reservation with Travel Cusco G and is subsequently unable to complete the medical requirements, Travel Cusco G reserves the right to treat such End User’s reservation as canceled and all fees will apply. applicable cancellation policies. End Users are responsible for evaluating their own suitability and ability to participate in the Experience that the End User has booked. All End Users should consult their doctor regarding their fitness for travel and, in particular, adventure travel. Travel Cusco G encourages all End Users to seek the advice of their physician regarding necessary or advisable vaccinations, medical precautions, or other medical concerns regarding the entire End User experience with Travel Cusco G. Travel Cusco G does not provide medical advice. Certain Experiences may not be suitable for everyone due to restrictions imposed by mobility limitations, physical or cognitive disabilities, pregnancy, or various other physical or mental conditions. It is the responsibility of the End User to evaluate the risks and requirements of each Experience in light of the limitations, physical and mental fitness and condition of the End User, and any medical requirements or problems of such End User.

Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data

Travel Cusco G is committed to protecting the privacy of the End User. Review the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy of Travel Cusco G.

Force Majeure

Travel Cusco G will not be responsible for any loss, delay or failure before the End User and any other participants travel to Peru, while they are already traveling, or while Travel Cusco G carries out any experience, the End User cannot claim any refund by Travel Cusco G. This includes every moment from the time the End User completed the online reservation until the end of the End User’s trip. This loss, delay or failure may result directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Travel Cusco G, including, but not limited to, failure of electronic or mechanical communication equipment or lines, telephone or other interconnection problems, viruses computer, unauthorized access. access, theft, errors by the operator of public telecommunications services, adverse weather conditions, earthquakes, natural disasters or other natural causes that make it impossible to carry out the experience, diseases, global crisis, epidemics, pandemics, strikes or other labor problems, political problems , wars or government restrictions.

This also applies in the event that Travel Cusco G needs to cancel the End User Experience in advance, as well as on the day of the experience or during the completion of the experience, for any of the reasons mentioned above. The End User cannot claim any refund from Travel Cusco G or any other third party involved and contracted by Travel Cusco G.