We offer the best and unique tours of the Andes. One of our main objectives is always to satisfy our passengers, providing the best possible organization so that this can happen. We also aim to support the local community and we can achieve this goal by providing sustainable jobs to people in our locality. Our great variety of tours allows us to satisfy any need. We are sure that there is an expedition that suits your wishes.
Why should I travel with Us?
Because our company is a local company, we have the best logistics in guides, porters, camps, equipment, and the best itineraries.

On any trip, the quality of your trip is greatly affected by your tour guide. We have top notch tour guides who consistently exceed expectations to provide you with an exceptional experience. All our tour guides are local, from Cusco and the Sacred Valley. All have degrees in tourism from the National University of Cusco. His background includes knowledge of local flora and fauna, geography, history, archaeology, anthropology, and astronomy. Walking through Peru with one of our tour guides will be an incredible learning experience.

All of our tour guides have learned English at one of the most established English schools in Peru, then specialized at ICPNA-CUSCO (Centro Cultura Peruano Norte Americano) as part of the University of Michigan. Besides.
Our porters are the heroes of our expeditions. They carry the camping gear, duffel bags, tents, and food. We pride ourselves on treating our porters well and meeting all of their needs. Porters receive the best outdoor equipment and are offered competitive wages in exchange for the extremely valuable service they provide.


Provide informative and sustainable tours of Macchu Picchu
Educate about the Inca culture and its history.
Offer a memorable and enjoyable trekking experience.
Position ourselves as one of the most reputable local companies
Champion the vision of supporting our local community by re-investing back in the community
Provide equitable services to our porters.


We offer quality and personalized tours, regardless of the type of tour. Those who choose to take a train to Machu Picchu are treated with the same dedication as those who spend days trekking in the mountains.


Honesty and integrity
Clients become our friends.
Commitment to the culture and society of the Andean world.
Work as a team sharing knowledge, experience and dedication.
Creativity and innovation form solidarity.


We hope to build a fully sustainable company that provides high-quality service to visitors, while also developing methods to provide families in the Cusco region with job opportunities and support.