Cusco , Peru


Duration :   12 Hours
Max People :    10
Start Location:   HOTEL - AIRBNB

The Palccoyo Color Mountain is one of the best places to visit in Cusco. This is not the typical tour to the Vinicunca Mountain of Colors where you will be with hundreds of other tourists. On this Palccoyo tour, you will see 3 different colored mountains, you will be away from people and you will possibly walk with an alpaca/llama. With us you will reach the colorful mountain of Palcoyo first!

Detalles del horario


3:30 am Pick up from your hotel in Cusco. 2 hours later there is breakfast at a local restaurant.
7:00 am Stop to take photos of alpacas
7:45 am Beginning of the walk where you will see 3 colored mountains. If the community allows it, an alpaca/llama will accompany us.
11:45 am Lunch at a local restaurant
3:30 pm Arrival at your hotel in Cusco

Preguntas Frecuentes

Is it possible to rent a horse for the hike?

No, because the community does not allow horses or donkeys in this area. They want to protect the road and the environment (Vinicunca is full of horse manure and the road lost its flora and fauna because everything was destroyed by the horses).

Why do they leave so early?

For two reasons: 1) because we want to avoid the bad weather that may arrive in the afternoon and 2) we want to be one of the first groups on the mountain to avoid the groups that arrive a little later.

How much water should I bring?

2 liters per person is fine. Bring a large bottle for the truck and a small bottle for the hike to avoid carrying extra weight during the hike.

Can I take photos with people in the community?

Please ask your guide first so he can ask the locals if it is okay for them. Otherwise, the person may ask for tips or feel offended. We would like to avoid that and always respect your privacy.

How's the weather, is there often snow?

Typically, the chance of bad weather or snow is quite low. Especially from April to November. In the other months, we have the rainy season and there may be rain or snow. Anyway, this is nature and even in summer it can snow or rain at this altitude. An advantage is that Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is further from Ausangate Mountain than Vinicunca. Snow and bad weather usually come from the Ausangate and therefore affect Vinicunca first, while Palccoyo may not be affected.

What is the minimum age to participate?

The minimum age for this tour is 12 years old. Younger travelers are not allowed due to the risk of the altitude affecting their health. Please also keep that in mind when considering other operators.

Incluye en el servicio

  • Breakfast and Lunch (vegetarian and vegan food options available)
  • Certified bilingual guide
  • Entrance fees to archaeological sites
  • Pick up from your hotel and drop off at your hotel
  • Virtual support during your trip

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